Jane's Angle Photography | FAQ's

Common Questions


What should we wear?

Try to wear coordinating colors as these look best in photographs.  Avoid shirts with sayings or cartoon characters, as these can be distracting.  Anything that adds texture, like chunky sweaters, scarves, or even simply wearing layers can all add interest to the photos.

How soon will I see my photos?

I try to have your photos ready within two weeks of your photo session, though for varying reasons it may take up to three weeks.

What time of day do you typically like to shoot?

I like to shoot in the early morning, right after the sun rises, or in the evening, right before the sun sets.  Those times of day produce the most flattering light.  However, I always tell people with small children that your child's schedule is more important than the time of day.  I can always find good light, but I can't always make an overly tired kiddo happy!

Do you have a studio?

I do not have a studio.  Maybe someday I will have one for rainy days and winter months, but for now I do all of my photo sessions outdoors.  I do, however, have a set up that works well for newborns, which works best at your home.

Are you available for travel? 

I travel within 30 miles of Lawrence, which includes Topeka and some of the KC area.  After the first 30 miles, please add $.50 per mile to the fee.

When should I schedule my newborn photo session?

Schedule your newborn's photo session at least a month before he/she is born.  Scheduling their session in advance allows me to plan well for this brief window of your newborn's life.  Newborn photos should be taken within the first five to ten days after the baby's birth.  Waiting much later means a more alert baby who has already begun to change in appearance.  

Helpful hints for your session:

  • Bring accessories!  It is an easy way to create a different look in your photos without having to change you or your child's whole wardrobe, plus it adds visual interest.  Some examples are sunglasses, scarves, hair bows, hats, or umbrellas.
  • Bring any toys or items that might be favorites or have significant meaning.  Maybe your one year old loves to throw balls and you want to capture that excitement in a special picture. Or maybe you have a blanket that was made espcially for your newborn that would be great to add to a photograph.  Also, antique toys and other special items usually photograph well, so bring those along if you like.
  • Make sure all noses are blown and wiped 
  • Wear moisturizer and Chapstick to conceal any dry skin.  
  • Don't worry if your child isn't ready to "pose."  Parents are often embarrassed because their child is, well, being a kid.  This is perfectly normal and it happens all the time - as it should!  I truly think I get some of the best pictures when there is no pressure on the kids to "perform."
  • Come ready to relax, laugh, and have fun!