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Newborn photography-Lawrence, KS

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The other day I had the unique experience of having another photographer come with me to a newborn session and take a few "behind the scene" photos. Thanks so much for doing this Jacky Hicks!  It was so fun to have you along!  Like some of you probably already know, newborn sessions have always had my heart!  These babies are such precious little gifts and I love getting to show off how wonderful they are through photography.  Since this is a "behind the scenes" blog post I'll share some things that may surprise you, if you have never had photos taken of your new baby.  

  1. First, I always ask parents to turn the heat up to 80 degrees and I bring a space heater.  Why so hot?  Well, quite a few of my pictures are done with the baby naked or in just a thin wrap and babies need it warm when they are this little since they still can't regulate their own temperature well.  
  2. All newborn photos are taken when the baby is 10 days old or less.  Sometimes parents wait until their baby is about a month old and then try to schedule newborn photos.  It just doesn't work the same.  Babies lose some of their ability to curl up within the first two weeks of life, plus they become more awake but still can't focus so... you end up getting more pictures of them looking off into space.
  3. A newborn session can take 2-3 hours. These photo sessions are completely led by what the baby needs.  If he/she needs to eat then we stop for feeding.  Sometimes it just takes awhile for them to settle into a deep sleep.  Whatever baby needs baby gets!
  4. The last surprising fact I'm going to share today is that I try not to wear something that will reflect a color cast onto the baby's skin.  A pink, red, or green shirt are out of the question when I consider what I will wear that day.  These colors could be picked up on the baby's skin and I don't want to spend forever in photoshop trying to correct that problem!

Now without further ado, here are some photos of me at a recent photo session.  Enjoy, because I don't often post pictures of myself :). Thanks for taking them Jacky and allowing me to share them!

Behind the scenesBehind the scenes Behind the scenesBehind the scenes

Behind the scenesBehind the scenes

Behind the scenesBehind the scenes Behind the scenesBehind the scenes


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