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Baby Photo Session Giveaway-Lawrence, KS

August 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm excited to announce that I am teaming up with a local baby boutique store here in Lawrence!  "Sweet Tea and Caviar" was a women's boutique store and recently decided to make the switch to a baby boutique store.  They have been closed for a week getting their store ready for the grand opening this Saturday, August 13th from 10-5.  They are located at 2108 W 27th Street Suite J (next to where Hancock Fabric used to be).  They have a wonderful clothing line and lots of great products for babies and moms!  I will be hosting a giveaway that day too!  Come by the store and enter your name in the drawing to win a free session for your baby (one and under) plus a $200 print credit!  Even if you don't win the session everyone who comes by the store can pick up my card which will give you a discount to any session with Jane's Angle Photography!  The  grand opening should be lots of fun, you can shop, have some refreshments, and enter your baby to win a free photo session! 


Sweet Tea and Caviar GIveawaySweet Tea and Caviar GIveawaySweet Tea and Caviar baby boutique store photo session giveaway.



Leslie, the store owner, is easy going and has been fun to work with!  I got a chance to ask her a few questions about herself and the store!  The interview is below!  


1. Tell a little about yourself.

"I grew up in southern Oklahoma in a small town. Three days after my high school graduation I moved to Lawrence, Kansas with my family! Besides a small stint at Oklahoma State, I've been here ever since! I'm married to an awesome guy, and have a 5 month old little man who is our world! Besides that we just hang out with our dogs and renovate our new house!"


2. Why did you start “Sweet Tea and Caviar?”  Anything special to add about the name?

"I started sweet tea and caviar because I saw a lack of special game day apparel that I saw a lot at Oklahoma State. I felt Lawrence was missing that. So the name came about because my friend helped me start this and purchase our first inventory and she is a city girl, while I was much more country. We tried to find to things that portrayed her tastes mixed with mine. So I'm the sweet tea and she's the caviar!"


3. What prompted the switch from being a women’s boutique store to a baby boutique store?

"I had Brantley and he was sick. We were using a product called the windi to help relieve tummy issues and we were on our LAST one and our shipment from Amazon was late. I couldn't run to the store here to grab more because no one carried them. I was kind of at a loss. It was a loooong night and it just dawned on me that we really need this here. Moms need this. >I< need this. Putting suggestions together from people who had come into the store asking about more kids products, researching and my own experiences as a mom lead me to the product line up we have!"


4. What kind of products will you have in your store?

"We have adorable clothing! We will have more in the spring too! We're in an off season so the fall is winding down and we are doing orders for spring (seems weird right? I think so too) so we have our small selection of fall, but our spring orders are amazing! We have practical baby items to help with a number of things- like sleep aids, pregnancy items, nursing support, as well as plush items and fun little accessories!"


5. As a mother of a baby what are your go to product recommendations?

"The woombie, baby shusher, and wubbanub are 3 items we use multiple times a day! Kickee pants is our go to for clothing. Fridababy products are our go to line for wellness (the snot sucker, windi). I'd say those are our biggest, but I have little things here and there I love for everything. Nursing I love the Bamboobies line. For an all natural bathing line we love hip peas! (And they have a cradle cap care product which is awesome). Mainly I just want to be able to share my experiences with other moms and help them find the products that they need at whatever stage their in with their little ones!"


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