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Newborn Photography-Throwback Thursday

May 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've never really participated in "throwback Thursday" but I thought I would jump in today!  I am going to show you some of my worst pictures ever, yep you heard right!  Now no photographer wants to show you their worst work but today I thought it might be fun to show you my first attempts at newborn photography.  I have always loved baby pictures, probably because I have always loved babies and everything precious and wonderful about that stage of life.  

So here it is, my first attempt at newborn photography back in 2008, when I was just a "newborn" to photography myself.  To show just how little I knew about newborn photography at the time, this little girl is 3 months old!  In order to get those sweet sleepy curled up baby poses the baby needs to be 10 days old or less!  Besides everything else that is wrong with this photo (the list is long) she has red eyes!  God bless the mother who let me practice with her baby-and no she did not pay me for this session.


Next up, lets fast forward to 2009 when I had my second child and couldn't wait to get those sweet baby poses.  Let me tell you I still had no clue, at least this time I didn't wait to take them until he was 3 months old!  


Finally, I can't leave you with just these photos.  When I decided that newborn photography was my passion and I wanted it to be my specialty, I sought out professional education and you can see the difference it makes!


Newborn PhotographyNewborn Photography

Newborn PhotographyNewborn Photography


Newborn PhotographyNewborn Photography

Newborn PhotographyNewborn Photography


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