Jane's Angle Photography | Before and After photo-Lawrence, KS

Before and After photo-Lawrence, KS

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I get asked all the time what do I do to my photos when I edit them. That is a tough question as every photo requires something a little different. For instance, a few weeks ago my family went on a tour at a dairy farm. As soon as I walked into this barn my mind was immediately drawn to all the lines inside this building that were leading your eye right to the back door. I immediately knew that I wanted to place my son right in the middle of the picture because your eye would be drawn to him and you see so much more of the story in the picture.  Really I was also imagining how great this photo would have been if I could have convinced all the cows to poke there heads out of the feed bunk, now that would have been a pretty amazing picture, but I'm no cow whisperer so I digress.  So, when I go to edit the picture all of what I had envisioned when I snapped it goes into the edit.  In general my editing style is bright, clean, crisp photos.  I love for my subjects to pop and to draw your eye right to them.  In this photo I didn't want to take too much away from the barn itself as it was also an important part of the story.  So for this photo I added a little brightness but kept the edges slightly darker to draw the eye first to my son, then upped the contrast a tad and walla!  It's now a photo that pops!  (as a side not: no camera can capture the range of colors and contrast that our eyes can see, so to enhance these things in photoshop is really just bringing some of those things back into the image that the camera lost.)



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Hi I'm Kristin JANE of Jane's Angle Photography!  For as long as I can remember my middle name has been used as a nick name.  I have been called: Kristin Jane, Janey Baby, KJ, and Janer. That is the "why" behind the name, Jane's Angle Photography!  Call me Kristin or call me Jane, I'm happy either way, lets just not call me Janey Baby!