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Photo Book-Lawrence, KS

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I love photographs, obviously!  Although it is so easy and convenient to store our photographs on our computers and online, I still think there is nothing better than having physical prints of some of our most cherished memories!  I used to print my pictures as 4x6 prints and put them in an album. This quickly became a huge storage problem for me (I take a lot of pictures folks)!  So for several years now I have been creating a “family yearbook”.  I don't include every photograph I have taken but I create a book that tells our family’s story for that particular year.  Isn't that one of the reasons we like photographs anyways--- telling, remembering, and sharing our life story?  I really love these books, and having the pictures off my computer and in a book means my kids can pick them up and look through the pictures anytime. We’ve shared some really sweet moments sitting on the couch looking back at our lives  and remembering and laughing together about our shared experiences.  

So how do I do it?  First you have to stay organized.  I store all my photo files on my computer by year and then by month.  So for example, I have a folder titled "2014" and in that folder is every month of the year.  Ideally, I would keep up with this project and create a few pages of our book every month, but as a mom of four(let’s be realistic), I'm both behind in life and in making the books documenting our life.  You will notice this is a 2014 book that I just finished.  

So in the end, I usually end up spending a handful of evenings once a year to create my books.  I have a special program that I make my pages on and then I export them to www.blurb.com. I really love their books and prices!  You don't have to have a fancy computer program to create your books though, you can create pages right on the Blurb website.  I like to print my book as a 12x12 but there are many size options to choose from.  Then you are done!  Easy peasy!

Lawrence Kansas PhotographerLawrence Kansas Photographer

Lawrence Kansas PhotographerLawrence Kansas Photographer

Some little boy got his hand in my picture :)

Lawrence Kansas PhotographerLawrence Kansas Photographer


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Hi I'm Kristin JANE of Jane's Angle Photography!  For as long as I can remember my middle name has been used as a nick name.  I have been called: Kristin Jane, Janey Baby, KJ, and Janer. That is the "why" behind the name, Jane's Angle Photography!  Call me Kristin or call me Jane, I'm happy either way, lets just not call me Janey Baby!