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July 23, 2018
A few weeks ago we took a family vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park. I think for now it is definitely going down as one of our best vacations to date! And of course...
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Newborn photography-Lawrence, KS

June 27, 2018
The other day I had the unique experience of having another photographer come with me to a newborn session and take a few "behind the scene" photos. Thanks so much for do...
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Tulip Mini Session update!

April 17, 2018
News flash, the weather in Kansas hasn't been great this spring! Ok, that's really not a news flash, everybody knows how bad the weather has been! I was listening to a ho...
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Super Hero Photo Session-Lawrence, KS

April 06, 2018
What a fun session this was and a bit different than my normal! I got to photograph these brothers in Super Hero mode!
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Cousins-Lawrence, KS photographer

April 02, 2018
These cousins are incredibly sweet! I've had the privilege of photographing them several times through the years and they are always such a joy to work with!
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Hi I'm Kristin JANE of Jane's Angle Photography!  For as long as I can remember my middle name has been used as a nick name.  I have been called: Kristin Jane, Janey Baby, KJ, and Janer. That is the "why" behind the name, Jane's Angle Photography!  Call me Kristin or call me Jane, I'm happy either way, lets just not call me Janey Baby!