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A Little About Me

Those of you that know me might be wondering where the “Jane” in Jane’s Angle comes from. Well… my first name is Kristin, but my middle name is Jane. Jane has always been a nickname, at least in some form. My mother called me Janey Baby (this was not a name she was ever allowed to use in public, it’s even a little hard to write on my website), my sister called me KJ, and my husband calls me Janer. Thus Jane’s Angle was born.

A bit more about me…I’m married to a pretty amazing guy. He’s the reason I’ve been chasing this photography dream. We have four incredibly active, beautiful boys. They are ages nine, six, four, and one. They pretty much fill up my entire day with eating, sleeping, crying, laughing, running, jumping, and playing! Did I mention they are active? A few other tidbits about me are that I love bright colors, especially orange. Not only do I find it visually pleasing but orange excites all my senses right down to my taste buds (orange popsicles, orange skittles, and orange slices are all delicious in my book!). For what it is worth, I’m also a bit of a peanut butter and chocolate addict. I seek out this combination a lot, probably a little to frequently! At my house, I’m well known for grabbing a spoonful of peanut butter from a jar and sprinkling it with a few chocolate chips for a quick fix! Okay, enough about me and what I like to eat…on to why you are really here!

A bit about my photography style…. I love the natural look. Pictures that are taken outdoors or in the family home are my favorites. I don’t do a lot of traditional studio portraits; in fact the only time I really like to set up my make shift studio is to take photos of newborns or young babies. I really love to let children play during a photo session as this gives me the ability to capture a bit of their personality and perhaps even a “real” smile!

So look through my website, if you like what you see give me a call. I can’t wait to meet you and your family!